First Fridays

Lauren Doran at McGuffey Art Center.

First Fridays: September 1

Annie Gould Gallery 121 S. Main St., Gordonsville. An exhibition of work from 12-plus regional and out-of-state artists. FF The Bridge PAI 2019 Monticello Rd. “Domestic Alchemy,” in which artists Amanda Wagstaff, Chicho Lorenzo and Will Mullany find creative potential in familiar household objects. 5:30-7:30pm. FF Chroma Projects 418 E. Main St. “Landmarks,” an exploration […]

“Portrait of Beauty I” is on display at the Music Resource Center as part of Adam Disbrow’s “A Portrait of Beauty” exhibit. Photo courtesy of artist.

First Fridays: August 4

Sperryville artist Adam Disbrow isn’t interested in mimicking realism; after all, “a camera can do that,” he writes in an email. Instead, he communicates with his audience through abstract, minimalistic images, using layers of objective symbols to create a wholly subjective piece of art. His latest exhibition, opening at the Music Resource Center on August 4, […]

Ashley Florence’s “Manger-au-Lit” is one of the pieces on view at her “Body and Bread” show at Studio IX this month. Courtesy of Ashley Florence

First Fridays: July 7

First Fridays: July 7 Photographer Ashley Florence experiments with materials, situations, emotions, narratives and curiosity in her show “Body and Bread,” on view at Studio IX this month. From a chromogenic print of Florence herself sitting in a traditional Madonna pose and wearing a full-body suit sewn out of blue book linen, to 19 Polaroids […]