Fine Arts

If you’re walking down the street on Saturday and see someone modeling a giant poncho, ask how to use your arms as knitting needles. It’ll actually be more common than you think. Publicity image

Knit stop: All you need is Two Arms!

Picture this: It’s a sunny day, and new leaves rustle overhead as you walk along the Downtown Mall. In the distance you see people moving their arms, loaded with cloud- or cocoon-like substances. As you approach, you realize they’re actually knitting, using their arms like needles to weave thick skeins of yarn made from old […]

Flashlight-bearing performers doubled as spotters and entertainers during the live auction. Photo: Amanda Finn

State of the art: Ix Project comes to life with Bridge PAI’s annual Revel

The Bridge PAI’s annual Revel, a “rebellious rendition of the non-profit fundraiser,” came to the Ix Project on Saturday, May 3. It was a wild night with street performers, live graffiti and art-making, and a vivacious auction featuring one-of-a-kind experiences, acted out by costumed performers. The auction got competitive with attendees bidding on high-value items […]