Fine Arts

Jason Robinson saw beauty in the breakdown for his video Wastewater, inspired by a visit to Moore’s Creek Wastewater Treament Facility. The work is included along with lenticular prints in Second Street Gallery’s “Sustainablity” exhibition. Photo: Mina Pirasteh

Art on demand: Rally ’round at Second Street Gallery

“It’s a fascinating place. It’s in my neighborhood, within walking distance from my house, but I had no idea it was there,” says filmmaker Jason Robinson, describing Moore’s Creek Wastewater Treatment plant. This type of facility probably doesn’t top most people’s list of neighborhood places to explore, but the allure was quick to present itself […]

Glimpse some of Zed’s fantastical works at Chroma Gallery @ SCS through December 26. Photo: Martyn Kyle

December First Fridays Guide

Sculptor and painter Aggie Zed sees all of the beauty and strangeness in her imaginative ceramic and copper works as alive. Her complex elephant creations often feature elements of low-tech industry like wheeled carts that intricately express the physicality of the pachyderms. Zed names wings, particularly “clumsy, comic, metal wings,” as a part of her […]