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Jenée Libby hosts the food podcast Edacious, which features face-to-face interviews with people in the local food scene.
Photo: Amy Jackson Smith

Can you hear me now? Local podcasters come in loud and clear

Back in 2005, Apple CEO Steve Jobs declared that podcasting was “the next generation of radio.” When the company began supporting podcasts on iTunes that same year (so users could easily download the audio shows onto an iPod, where the name originated), the medium gained steam, and lately podcast consumption has exploded. Last year Apple […]

Local filmmaker Lorenzo Dickerson heads the Maupintown Film Festival, which highlights stories of African-American historical, educational and social value. Photo: Courtesy subject

ARTS Pick: Maupintown Film Festival

The Maupintown Film Festival showcases works of historical, educational and social value that address the achievements and plight of the African-American community. Included in the 12-film lineup is local filmmaker (and founder of Maupintown Media) Lorenzo Dickerson’s documentary Anywhere But Here, which examines the cause and effect of mass incarceration, as well as his Color […]

Brice Morrison launched UVA’s Student Game Developers club before graduating and going on to form Bromoco Games. The company released an interactive choose-your-own adventure app, Buried, in January. Photo: Courtesy Bromoco

From UVA grad to Silicon Valley game developer

For some of the graduating UVA students who will walk the Lawn this weekend, it might be difficult to see any direct connections between a major and a future career. Many will receive a degree that provides an obvious path; others have chosen English or other courses of study that are, let’s say, a bit […]