Dawes expanded its sound for the new album Passwords, but remains true to its musical
roots. “We never really sat down and said, ‘Let’s make a record that sounds like The Band,’
but whatever you listen to as a kid is just kind of knocking around your head and forms your intuitions as a musician and a songwriter,” says bassist Wylie Gelber (second from right).
Magdalena Wosinska

Status update: Dawes scrolls past the SoCal sound on new album Passwords

The age of social media is rife with oversharing; dominated by a virtual playground where foodstagrams and political Facebook fights abound—and any semblance of privacy is tenuously maintained by CAPTCHAs and digital passwords. Los Angeles band Dawes explores this concept on its latest album, Passwords, by examining how the sociopolitical climate and our personal relationships […]