Food historian Leni Sorensen highlights the culinary talent of Monticello’s enslaved chefs in her livestream series “Cooking at Monticello.” Photo courtesy Jefferson’s Monticello.

Carving out history: Leni Sorensen bridges the gap between kitchen and table at Monticello

Thomas Jefferson never wrote about the food at Monticello. His kitchens were stocked with ingredients from around the world—cinnamon from Asia, lemons from the Caribbean, brandies and fine cheeses from Richmond. But in his writing, Jefferson didn’t remark on the fine food that his enslaved chefs prepared for his table. He simply expected its consistent […]

Renee Byrd’s recipes—including the one for these honey-sweetened thumbprint strawberry jam cookies—are as delicious as they are as healthy as they are delicious. Photo: Renee Byrd

The joy of eating: How a local cook, food stylist, and blogger with a national following learned to love food again

After years of struggling with disordered eating and food sensitivities, Renee Byrd rediscovered her love of food and cooking. Now she shares recipes—and a bit of life-changing magic—on Will Frolic for Food, the blog she started in 2013. In a way, Byrd, 29, is the Marie Kondo of food. While she advocates a better, simpler […]