Leslie Cockburn and Denver Riggleman faced off at PVCC in October. Photo: Sanjay Suchak

Midterm madness: Can the 5th district be flipped?

In any other year, the Republican incumbent in the 5th District would be a shoo-in. But this year, two things make the election something of a horse race: One, Congressman Tom Garrett announced in late May that he would not seek a second term, leaving an open seat without the incumbent advantage. And two, Donald […]

Dr. Rosa Atkins has led Charlottesville City Schools for nearly 13 years. During her tenure, the system has made progress on raising graduation rates and reducing suspension rates, but black students are still more than four times as likely as white students to be held back a grade and almost five times as likely to be suspended.  Photo: Eze Amos

Failing grade: Community responds to ProPublica/NYT piece on racial inequities in city schools

Last week, ProPublica and the New York Times published a scathing indictment of Charlottesville City Schools, pointing out persistent and widening achievement gaps between white and black students. The article also highlighted the overrepresentation of white students in the city schools’ gifted program, and made a general case that the needs of black students and […]