Chamomile and Whiskey

Lord Nelson and company have the cure for your Thanksgiving hangover at the Jefferson on Friday. Tom Daly.

ARTS Pick: 2018 Hangover Ball

Hair of the dog in order? Raise your glass to an array of Americana artists from just down the road. The 2018 Hangover Ball is a collection of three musical acts prepared to take things back to the roots of American musical culture. Featuring the folksy kicks of Chamomile & Whiskey, Lord Nelson’s memorable instrumentals, […]

Chamomile & Whiskey pay tribute to the
band’s roots with the release of Sweet
Afton at the Southern on Wednesday. Photo by Aaron Farrington

ARTS Pick: Chamomile & Whiskey

Cementing a friendship that began in childhood, Koda Kerl and Marie Borgman formed the eclectic folk act Chamomile & Whiskey over a cup of hot tea with Evan Williams bourbon poured in. But the band’s name also speaks to a love of the traditional Irish tunes and bluegrass folk that gave the group traction shortly […]

Chamomile and Whiskey rocks the Southern on Friday. Photo by Rich Tarbell

ARTS Pick: Chamomile and Whiskey

Nelson County’s Chamomile and Whiskey drove its inaugural release, 2007’s Wandering Boots, around the U.S. festival circuit to build a fanbase and define itself in the massive genre of Americana, leading to its current pace of more than 150 live shows per year. The band throws some extra Irish passion on its musical fire with […]