Best of C-VILLE

Gimme a beat: Charlottesville Music is readers' favorite place for music gear. Photo: John Robinson

Best of C-VILLE 2012: Retail

From your favorite place to buy a party dress to home goods, here’s  the best in local retail. JUMP TO A WINNER: Jewelry store Vintage clothing store Boutique clothing store Place for a party dress Place to buy shoes Place to buy athletic apparel Place for kids’ clothes Place for a man’s suit Thrift store […]

Best of C-VILLE 2012: Services

Best of C-VILLE 2012: Services

From a top-notch handyman to a great place to board your pet, these are your top picks in local services.   JUMP TO A WINNER: General practitioner Dentist Dermatologist Gynecologist Pediatrician Chiropractor Physical therapist Psychologist/counselor Plastic surgeon Optometrist Architect Real estate agent Contractor Plumber Electrician Home repair/handyman Lawn and garden care Place to get your […]

Photo: Jack Looney

Best of C-VILLE 2012: Editorial picks

While you may know the best, we know the rest, so the C-VILLE editorial staff has thrown some picks into the mix, too. When you get right down to it, your love (and our love) of this place isn’t just about TJ or UVA. As the folks in this town figured out a long time ago, it’s […]