Best of C-VILLE

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best place for stationery 2013: Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors 225 E. Main St. 979-6366 Runner-up: Caspari 100 W. Main St. 817-7880 When you think of stationery, you think of friendship—people writing to each other across land and sea, sharing hellos and thank-yous and catching up. Take, for instance, Nellie Beaven and Daphne Morgenson, pen pals in England who wrote […]

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best local hardware store 2013: Martin Hardware

Martin Hardware 941 Preston Ave. 293-8171 Runner-up: Crozet Hardware 5783 The Square (Crozet) 823-4381 If it’s true that the average wood frame house uses between 20,000 and 30,000 nails of varying types and sizes, then Martin Hardware, readers say, is the place to go for supplies. For folks outside of the city, Crozet […]

Photo: Elli Williams

Best optometrist 2013: Primary Eyecare

Primary Eyecare Barracks Road Shopping Center 977-2020 Hollymead Town Center 975-2020 Runner-up: Drs. Record & Record Optometrists 1450 Sachem Pl., Suite 202 978-4090 600 Peter Jefferson Pkwy., Suite 390 975-2420 The human eye can distinguish 500 shades of gray and blinks over 10,000,000 times a year. Those two facts are unrelated, but serve […]