Best of C-VILLE

Photo: John Robinson

Best BBQ 2013: Belmont Bar-B-Que

Belmont Bar-B-Que 816 Hinton Ave. 979-7427 Runner-up: BBQ Exchange 102 Martinsburg Ave., Gordonsville (540) 832-0227 A tradition at the White House since Thomas Jefferson first opened up the South Lawn for entertaining, barbecues are a summertime staple—especially in Virginia. In our area, there’s no better spot to get the Q than Belmont, where […]

Best singer/songwriter 2013: Sarah White

Best singer/songwriter 2013: Sarah White

Sarah White Runner-up: Travis Elliott A Charlottesville native, Sarah White’s got staying power. She started her career in the late ’90s, released her first studio album in 2000, another in 2006, won “Best Song” in a 2007 contest for “Sweetheart,” which became the title track for an EP she re-released this year before becoming […]