Belmont Arts Collective

Writer, director, and actor, Priyanka Shetty puts on a double features at Live Arts on Tuesday. Image: Martyn Kyle

ARTS Pick: #charlottesville and The Elephant in the Room

Unfolding history: Why did the traumatic events of August 2017 happen in the first place? Why did they happen here? Priyanka Shetty seeks answers to these questions in her new theater piece #charlottesville. Shetty crafted her script verbatim from conversations with Charlottesville residents who shared firsthand accounts about their experiences, and from the community’s response […]

Robert Wray's homegrown play The Secret Rain offers up an arresting coming-of-age story. Performances will be held out of the Belmont Arts Collective through September 29.

ARTS Pick: The Secret Rain

Casey Horn is growing old, and with age comes a whole lot of trouble—between his mother’s poor taste in men, his younger brother’s out-of-this-world obsession, and the neighbor girl’s frustrating lack of interest, he’s finding that life isn’t exactly grand. The Secret Rain follows Casey as he navigates these obstacles with the help of Audrey […]

[titleofshow] runs through May 28 at Belmont Arts Collective.

ARTS Pick: [title of show]

With an open script and generic name, [title of show], the “musical about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical,” by Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell, has become a work-in-progress with each production crew adding updates and changes based on its experience. The one-act play takes a comical look at the […]