Ankida Ridge Vineyards

J-Petal dishes out rolled ice cream in familiar flavors such as vanilla and chocolate, plus more adventurous options including green tea and Thai tea. Photos by Tom McGovern

Getting the scoop on a new ice cream trend

By Sam Padgett A new restaurant—J-Petal—has rolled into Barracks Road Shopping Center. And although the eatery offers both savory and sweet Japanese rice flour crêpes, and even serves drinks such as green tea and mojitos in a light bulb, its flashiest menu item is surely the Thai rolled ice cream. Rolled ice cream is pretty […]

Last month’s Amherst wildfires came within 30 feet of consuming Ankida Ridge Vineyards. “The miracle is that not one home was lost, no injuries,” says Christine Vrooman. Photos courtesy Ankida Ridge Vineyards

Ankida Ridge survives a threat to vine and home

In the darkness of night on Saturday, November 19, Christine Vrooman of Ankida Ridge Vineyards looked out her bedroom window and noticed a fire on the southwest face of Mount Pleasant. From the comfort of her bed, the unnerving scene did not seem to be an immediate threat to her home, her winery or her […]