American Shakespeare Center

Midsummer 90 takes a shortcut to the heart of the Bard at American Shakespeare Center. Image: Lauren Rogers Parker

ARTS Pick: Midsummer 90

Bite-sized Shakespeare: An abridged version of the iconic Shakespeare comedy, Midsummer 90 drops the Night’s Dream and retains all the humor and wonder of the original script without sacrificing its spellbinding storytelling. By packing the fairies, magic, and fantastical animals into a performance that clocks in under two hours, the play is perfect for children […]

Political intrigue and deception run deep in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, part of the American Shakespeare Center's Roman trio. Photo by Lauren Rogers Parker

ARTS Pick: Julius Caesar

Building Rome: Political intrigue and deception run deep in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, part of American Shakespeare Center’s Roman trio. The characters struggle with their own humanity and morality, as they try to justify power grabs and shady deals. Initially performed in 1599, more than 1,500 years after Caesar died, the historical epic may have been […]