Tag, you’re it: Get creative with your wedding hashtags

Photo: Christian Agha Photo: Christian Agha

Brangelina, Bennifer, Kimye. Celebrity gossip magazines were making Instagram-appropriate hashtags before hashtags were even a thing. Now it’s one of the most fun ways to inject personality into your big day (and wrangle your guests’ photos while you’re at it!). Here are a few we like from the last year.

#illbeback (the future Mrs.’ last name, Back)

#thepriceisrightforbarker (the bride and groom’s last names, respectively)

#willyouterryme (the groom’s last name)

#maddaboutsam (the bride’s first name, Maddy, and the groom’s first name, Sam)

#damgoodwedding (the groom’s last name, Damaske, and the bride’s last name, Good)

#2kidneysarebetterthan1 (the groom’s last name, Kidney)

#sarahgotrich (the bride and groom’s first names)

#sheastheone (the groom’s last name, Shea)

Can’t make a play on your names? Try something simple, like these:



#doublewife (a same-sex wedding)

#lemonpartyof2 (the groom’s last name, LeMon)

#headrickdreyfus (the grooms’ last names)

#strangedragonwedding (the groom and bride’s last names—really!)

#er2aisle (the doctor and nurse couple met in the emergency room)