Summer VILLAGE: A Wilson School dance student shares her passion

Photo: Amy Jackson Photo: Amy Jackson

It’s a little odd to hear a 12-year-old talk about her “greatest focus,” but for Chloe Carpenter, who’s been dancing for nearly 10 years, that’s exactly what the sport has been.

Chloe Carpenter. Photo: Amy Jackson
Chloe Carpenter. Photo: Amy Jackson

“Dance is my passion,” she says. She takes tap, lyrical and performance group classes each week at The Wilson School of Dance, which this year will celebrate its 40th year, and has recently been focusing on mastering her turns. “I am staying more balanced and my posture has improved.” But what really keeps her going? The freedom dance brings.

“I go into a different zone when I dance and all of my troubles disappear,” says Carpenter, who also plays basketball, volleyball and tennis. “I get lost in the movement and the rhythm of the music.”