Stocked and loaded: Three robust picnic sandwiches

Photo: Andrea Hubbell Photo: Andrea Hubbell

Whether you’re slicing up a fresh tomato to anoint your BLT or asking for extra arugula at the lunch counter, it’s definitely sammy season. We recommend taking yours to go and enjoying it in the sunshine. Here are three of our picks that achieve picnic perfection.

IvP Banh Mi (pictured)

For meat lovers: roasted pork, pâté and ham join cabbage, cilantro, pickled veggies, mayo and chile oil on a warm baguette. (Ivy Provisions, 2206 Ivy Rd., 202-1308)

Olive Branch

Roasted red peppers, olives and lettuce nestle between two slices of thyme bread spread with whipped feta. (C’ville Coffee, McIntire Plaza, 817-2633)

Ham, goat cheese and plum panini (below)

Grilled focaccia sets the scene for rosemary-crusted ham, arugula and Caromont goat cheese. Plum chutney adds a bit of spice. (Feast!, Main Street Market, 244-7800)

Photo: John Robinson
Photo: John Robinson