Spring is here! And so is the new issue of Knife & Fork…

Photo: Tom McGovern Photo: Tom McGovern

The spring issue of Knife & Fork is on stands now! Here’s what you’ll find inside (and below, find a digital copy of the issue).

Photo: Tom McGovern
Photo: Tom McGovern

Green giants

The arrival of spring means bikini season is just around the corner, patio seating returns to the Downtown Mall and it’s time to start looking for fresh produce. This issue hones in on leafy greens—from restaurant salads to storing lettuces at home. Trust us, it’s easy going green. READ MORE HERE.

File photo.
File photo.

Bourdeaux and beyond

As ground zero for some of the globe’s most widely grown grape varieties, France’s Bordeaux region is as valuable as its far-reaching and varied diasporas, like Virginia. A handful of local wineries are taking the Bordeaux-style blend and tweaking it according to soil and taste. READ MORE HERE.

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