Say “ahh” not “eww” to these bizarre foods

Photo: Andrea Hubbell Photo: Andrea Hubbell

There’s no such word as “eww” in an omnivore’s vocabulary. While these dishes are far from the beetles and brains that TV personalities get paid to eat, they require a more adventurous palate than your typical restaurant offering. Of course, those brave enough to consume them will be most deliciously rewarded.

Nothing cures a hangover like a bowl of steaming stomach linings. The menudo at Aqui es Mexico (above) is a weekend special that’s tasty despite its main ingredient. Tripe’s texture is like calamari and the broth—spicy and complex—will get you back to fighting form in no time.

Sweetbreads, the thymus glands of a calf, couldn’t ask for more respect than they get at C&O Restaurant, where chef Dean Maupin serves them as an appetizer with sultanas and green peppercorns in a marsala cream sauce over toasted brioche.

Animal feet are delicacies in Chinese culture, so the chicken and pig feet hot pot soup at Peter Chang’s China Grill is the way to go for diners who want authentic eats.

The tacos at La Michoacana can’t be beat and the homemade corn tortillas topped with beef tongue (lengua) and served Mexican-style (just cilantro and onions with a squeeze of lime) are los mejores.

Desserts can be daring too. At l’etoile, apple cider doughnuts skip the jellied center for a filling of foie gras mousse. Served with a ginger apple snap and a hard cider gelée, they’ll still satisfy your sweet tooth.