Jonny Corndawg returns to town with Dawes at the Jefferson

Jonny Corndawg Jonny Corndawg

Jonny “Corndawg” Fritz began writing short country songs as a joke, but over the past 10 years — as the Esmont, VA native’s travels took him to Philadelphia, India, LA, Nashville, New York, and on an infamous 100-mile rollerblading trip — his songs grew longer, sadder and more touching, while losing none of their wit or hilarity.

His relentless touring with the cream of the contemporary alt-country crop has earned him a wealth of fans and followers, and as his songwriting talent continues to improve, it’s increasingly clear that he might be the closest thing his generation has to a Roger Miller or a John Prine.

You can hear Corndawg open for Dawes at the Jefferson Theatre tonight, check out his most recent album Down on the Bikini Line via his website, or hear his bittersweet musical tale of an indignant Central VA homecoming, courtesy of the Fretboard Journal: