Questions brides ask before committing to vendors

Photo by Aaron Watson Photography Photo by Aaron Watson Photography

At the start of your planning process, you’re no doubt embarking on a long journey filled with questions. We asked four local vendors—a photographer, caterer, stylist, and florist—to give us the top five questions brides ask before they commit.

Jack Looney of Jack Looney Photography (249-6266)
1. How do I go about gaining control of my digital files (if the photographer captures the day digitally) and how long will it take?
2. Can you tell me more about your style and approach in the event that the weather goes bad at my venue?
3. What’s your strategy with a second shooter, if any?
4. Can you tell me a little about your back-up plan should you have a family crisis or emergency?
5. To make sure we’re a good match, tell me a little about your style and personality (more direct, discreet, Type A, etc.).

Gay Beery of A Pimento Catering (971-7720)
1. What does the price include? Setup? Cleanup? Only food?
2. Have you done something like this before in this kind of setting?
3. What is your philosophy on the quality of food you provide? Is it local? Where do you source your ingredients?
4. Is what we’re envisioning reasonably achievable?
5. Are you going to be there on the day of the event?

Michele Durham of Bristles Hair Design & Day Spa (977-1411)
1. If the stylist specializes in bridal hair styles, not just formal occassion? In other words, will I look like a bride or like I’m headed to prom?
2. Does the stylist have a portfolio of their work from other weddings?
3. Does the salon itself cater to bridal parties being in the space during the services?
4. Does the team require a trial appointment for the bride?
5. When is the best time to schedule wedding day appointments? How far in advance do we need to commit?

Joey Strickler of Floral Images (971-4744)
1. How can you maximize my budget?
2. How many weddings do take in a weekend?
3. Do you have a portfolio of your work I can see?
4. Can you do a mock up of my cenetrpieces, bouquets, etc., and the cost involved?
5. Are you familiar with my wedding venue?