Proof that Charlottesville’s local music scene is thriving

Proof that Charlottesville’s local music scene is thriving

For all the shit that 2016 flung at music-lovers—the loss of Prince, David Bowie, Vi Subversa, Pauline Oliveros, Leonard Cohen, Sharon Jones and many other groundbreaking artists—it’s also tossed us some pretty good local releases. The following list is by no means a complete catalog of what local bands and artists were up to this year, but it’s a solid one and a varied one. No matter what kind of music you’re into, chances are it’s being made here in town—you just have to keep your ears open for it.

Albums and EPs

Ammon Winder’s Turquoise Transcendence, Dayz in the Moonlight; Lightning from our Hearts (funk, pop, hip-hop)

Beldam, Still the Wretched Linger (metal)

Beleza, Just for Fun (funkalicious samba soul)

Bobby Midnight Band, All I Ever (funk, rock)

Bobby Read, Out of My Mind (experimental) and Saturn Blue (jazz)

Born Crooked, Electric Kiss (alternative rock, garage)

Breakers, And So On (garage rock, proto-punk)

Brett Jones, Weight (guitar, alternative, indie)

Claire Hitchens, These Bodies (folk)

corinne, Thresholds; Moonpool; gum (electronic)

Cream Dream, Cream Dream (experimental rock, indie, pop)

Crimson Youth, Valleys (experimental, electronic)

The Currys, West of Here (folk)

David Tewksbury, Sun Is Rising (pop rock)

dogfuck, Rectangle (rap, hip-hop)

Emerald Flame, Emerald Flame (jazz)

Fellowman, Raw Data Vol. 1: Soul of the Shitty (hip-hop, rap)

Fenton, INDIGO (rock, new wave, indie pop)

The Findells, Bare Winter Trees (rock ’n’ roar)

Genna Matthew, My Old Habits (folk, country)

Gild the Mourn, I-VII Deluxe Edition (goth, darkwave)

Gina Sobel, World’s Getting Loud (funk, jazz, blues, roots)

Gold Top County Ramblers, String Rock (new grass, bluegrass)

Hard Swimmin’ Fish, True Believer (roots)

Help Me Helen, Side A (folk)

Illiterate Light, Earthworm (experimental indie rock)

Jaguardini, Skin & Bones (electronic, synthpop)

Jamie Dyer, Little Mendings (American music)

Jen Tal and the Huzband, Detour (jazz, soul, pop)

The Jon Spear Band, Live Music Is Better (blues)

The Judy Chops, Bad Like Me (folk, rockabilly, swing)

J-Willz, Raw Gold (hip-hop, rap, R&B)

Keese, False Hope (rap, hip-hop)

Kendall Street Company, Earth Turns (jam, rock, psychedelic)

Killer Deluxe, Killer Deluxe (throwback rock ’n’ roll, soul)

Lo$t Gods, Call It What You Want (spiritual hip-hop)

Mama Tried, Mama Tried (Grateful Dead covers)

Mark Roebuck, The World and All Within (rock)

Matt Curreri, Get Along (organic rock with horns)

Michael Clem, Fifty Clementines (folk rock)

Michael Coleman, Whispers & Secrecy (rock, folk)

The Moonbees, Don’t Get Angry at the Dishes (psychedelic space folk)

Nathaniel Star, Collide A Scope (neo-soul)

New Boss, Home Problems (indie rock, twee boogie)

Pale Blue Dot, Telescopes (rock)

Philip St., Travelin’ Thru (Americana, pop)

The Rain Within, Dark Drive (electronic, synthwave, synthpop)

Reagan Riley, Summer Complex (electronic, hip-hop, neo-soul)

REKTD, What We Lost (electronic, dance, psychedelic)

Second Date, Second Date (alternative, shoegaze, emo)

Shagwüf, ¡Salvaje! (psychedelic swamp rock)

Ships in the Night with Jaguardini, Wire & Light (chillwave split CD)

Suprr, $aving Suprr (hip-hop)

Sweet Pete Stallings with Lost Indian, Sweet Pete Stallings with Lost Indian (bluesy folk)

Tanson, The Eventuality of Destiny (ambient, noise, electronic)

Tequila Mockingbird, Live at the Ante Room 10/27/2016 (psychedelic, funk, rock)

The Vailix, Aeronaut (hard rock)

Willie DE, Thunder Train (folk, blues, jazz)

Will Overman Band, Will Overman Band (Americana, folk)

Winterweeds, Late Bloomer cassette (electronic, chillbrasive, noise)

Winterweeds and Jordan Perry, You Are My Horizon split cassette

Woods Running, Preface (ambient post-rock)


A University of Whales, “Farrago” (chamber pop, indie rock)

Dead Professional, “You and Me Both”; “Dammed Up River” (rock ’n’ roll)

Devon Sproule and Paul Curreri, “Girl U Want” (Devo cover)

Dillingham, “Vessel” (alternative, acoustic)

Gary Green featuring Calie Garrett, “Decadel” (harmonica and piano)

Gold Connections, “Icarus” (indie rock)

ING, “Whiskey”; ”Flake”; “Clover” (indie, alternative, progressive)

Lowland Hum, “Palm Lines”

Paul Curreri, “Flies in the TX Grotto” (folk, rock)

Post Meridian, “Shut Eye” (rock)

Post Sixty Five, “I’m Not Saying This Right”; “Changing Symptoms” (alternative, post-rock)

The Ragnarockers, “Prawn Song” (ska)

WarHen Records releases

WarHen Records, a small independent vinyl-only record label based in Charlottesville, operates under the motto, “We release whatever we want.” In addition to releasing records by local acts Dead Professional and New Boss, here’s what WarHen released in 2016:

The Dexateens, Teenage Hallelujah (Alabama rock ’n’ roll)

Left & Right, The Yips (indie rock, punk)

Wrinkle Neck Mules, Rain & Rancor lathe cut 7″ (rock)

Zack Mexico, Get Rich and Live Forever (psychedelic, surf, blues, rock)