This week, 2/5

The news is bad. I don’t mean any news in particular, though you can insert the latest crisis you’re most concerned about here (the extension of Trump’s racist travel ban, which has already affected more than 135 million people, including many families split between continents? The gutting of the Clean Water Act? The refusal of […]

This week, 1/29

We all need good health care, but too many Americans don’t get it, and a big part of the reason is its crippling expense: Despite strong employment, the number of people without health insurance has grown under President Trump, to 27.5 million in 2018. And even for those who have insurance, high deductibles and limited […]

This week, 1/22

Some places get a hold on you, and you never recover. This week, our Q&A asking how the place you’re from has shaped you, garnered the most responses from ex-New Yorkers. As a Jersey girl-turned-diehard New Yorker myself, this is easy to understand. Growing up, “the city” was the center of the universe, the place […]