”Rumors of War” is currently on display in Times Square. In December, it will move to its permanent location on Arthur Ashe Boulevard 
in front of the VMFA. (Photo: Kylie Corwin)

This week, 10/2

A few weeks ago, while driving past West Main and McIntire Road, my 5-year-old daughter peered out the car window and asked who those people were on the statue. “That’s Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea,” I replied. No, she insisted. “There’s only two.” Lamely, I offered the party line: “Well, you can’t see Sacagawea very […]

This Week, 9/25

Thirty years ago this month, Bill Chapman and Hawes Spencer, fresh out of Hampden-Sydney College, rolled out the first issue of what would become C-VILLE Weekly. It was 1989, and Charlottesville was a smaller, quieter place, where Miller’s was a beacon on a Downtown Mall otherwise deserted after dark, and West Main a no-man’s land […]

This week, 9/18

Last week, eight plaintiffs suing the city testified to the emotional harm done to them by not being able to see the statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson for 188 days, while the monuments were shrouded in tarps following the horrifying violence of Unite the Right. The tears of Monument Fund director Jock […]