Do the arts mean anything to anybody anymore?

Second only perhaps to God, nothing has been more eulogized in recent decades than Art. Commercial concerns have killed it, we hear. TV is its poison. Vulgarity and an overriding concern for celebrity have castrated painting, poetry, music, theater and literature. Pop is pap. Funders don’t understand art’s Significance. And so on. Yet an inevitable […]

Simply the nest

Q: Hello Ace. Every day that I drive to work, I see a sign that piques my curiosity. Coming from the south, driving north on Monticello Ave/20S after the 64W exit, there is a small sign on the right that says “Bird Sanctuary.” Where? How is this possible? Does it just mean the small clump […]

In the middle of the road with Garrison Keilor

“Pray for me in return,” implores Larry Wyler, prodigal Minnesotan, lapsed author, celebrated advice columnist and aging narrator of Garrison Keillor’s most recent novel, Love Me. He’s preparing to confess his life, remarking on his drab St. Paul neighborhood and sketching passers-by in hypothetical missives to Mr. Blue, his writerly Dear Abby persona. He spots […]