Stoned love

A: Ace has to agree: The house to which you refer is certainly striking. Seen on its own, it could be mistaken for the last remaining house on earth after nuclear warfare. But in reality, it is one of two structures that once called the Target construction site home. Wendell Wood, whose United Land Corporation […]

The politics of the pump

The rise in gas prices has given the Democrats yet another sharp stick with which to poke George W. Bush. They should enjoy the advantage while they can, for come the fall we could very well see gas prices moving dramatically in the opposite direction, an October surprise that would be most welcome to the […]

Fuzz at the Food Lion

Q: Ace, the other day I was shopping at the Food Lion on the corner of Fifth and Harris and saw a cop, in full cop attire, apparently on the job but nothing doing. If our police department is sending officers to hang out at Food Lion, when my neighborhood could use an extra patrolling […]