As the year draws to a close, at C-VILLE we find ourselves with a queasy feeling. At first we just thought someone spiked our egg-nog, but no. Our sick feeling is something media types know as a “news hangover.”    We’ve spent the past year covering the absurdity, scandal, crime and shameless self-promotion that goes on […]

Further notes on Trey

Dear Ace: Are you whack? What was all that crap last week about Dave Matthews and Trey Anastasio and Red Light? Every-body knows that Phish broke up because the band had lost its scales…—Sumthin’ Smelz Phunnie Let us take your questions in order, Smelz, as Ace is a rational fellow and likes nothing so much […]


Two thousand and five was a lively year for music in our town, with CD sales down again, live music taking place at the theater level while struggling in the clubs, and being in a band, at least around here, seeming to be as much about music as about fame.   One rock band that has been […]