The wiz of biz

Dear Ace: I hear Darden is 50 years old. Who the heck was Darden anyway?—M.B., Eh? Dear M.B.: The Darden Graduate School of Business at UVA is indeed celebrating the half-century mark in much the same manner that Ace celebrated his 21st birthday: with two years of festivities taking place in more than 50 cities […]

High tension on Little High St.

“There’s going to be no drama,” said Richard Collins, address-ing a crowd of about 40 people, mostly from the Little High Street neighborhood association.    Collins, an expert in “environmental negotiation,” hoped for civil discussion, but that hasn’t been the tone so far between Little High Street residents and officials at Region Ten. A simple case […]

Nice ink

Dear Ace: I was walking through the neighborhoods near Martha Jefferson Hospital, and I found a graveyard. What’s up with that?—Morbidly Confused Dear Confused: The final resting place you refer to is Maplewood Cemetery. Officially established in 1827, it is Charlottesville’s oldest public cemetery, 3.6 acres of irregularly scattered gravesites and stones without any formal […]