My other kitchen: Chef Chris Humphrey’s common ground

Photo: Andrea Hubbell Photo: Andrea Hubbell

Restaurant people know that the best way to avoid passing your spouse like a ship in the night is to marry another restaurant person—double points if she works in the same restaurant. Rapture’s Executive Chef Chris Humphrey and longtime waitress, Sarah, tied the knot last fall and now see one another at work six days a week and at their 100-year-old Fry’s Spring home on their shared day off.

Chris loves cooking on those Tuesdays, roasting chicken in cooler months or making catfish tacos in the summer. While dinners after work each night are super simple (it’s usually 11pm), reconnecting over a drink while they cook pasta or make sandwiches has become a ritual they relish.

The large country kitchen’s gas range had never been used when they bought the house a year and a half ago, and along with a skylight that floods the kitchen with natural light, it served as a big selling point.

With Sarah’s passion for baking, counter space is at a premium (her Kitchenaid and convection oven commandeer it), though that’s a small concession for Chris, who loves her peanut butter pie.

Having separate strengths in the kitchen meant that their equipment happily united too, leaving them fully-stocked and wanting for nothing: “Apart from maybe a fancy blender,” said Chris.