Mayor rededicates Downtown Mall; Brick Watch in attendance

Mayor rededicates Downtown Mall; Brick Watch in attendance

We’re back, bricksters! (Well, temporarily anyway.) Brick Watch has an exciting addition to the rebricking saga of yore. This past Friday, May 29, Mayor Dave Norris rededicated our new, beautiful Mall during a very rainy, well-attended (if you compare it to the block parties) ceremony.

The event, which included a collective pat on the back from the likes of MMM Design Group, Barton Malow and a few city employees, lasted less than an hour and left a fair amount to be desired.

First, Brick Watch seems to remember the city promising to turn on the tree lights at the rededication. That didn’t happen (though Brick Watch saw them later that night when it got dark and, boy oh boy, are they ever lovely). Also, there was supposed to be a band. …There was no band in attendance, as they were sent home on account of the rain.

There was one notable highlight: A very gentlemanly Norris held an umbrella over Bob Stroh, from the Downtown Business Association, and Chris Weatherford (aww, Chris) as they gave away a few plaques in the rain.

Still, no public awarding of a plaque to Brick Watch, but it’s just as well. We’ve always been the strong, silent, behind-the-scenes support. …Kind of like the bricks themselves. (Gosh, BW loves to make a good connection.)

Ribbon cutting! Can you say, "anticlimatic"?