Market maven: Allie Redshaw takes the lead at newcomer Timbercreek café

Photo: Amy Jackson Photo: Amy Jackson

Chef Allie Redshaw set her sights on culinary school after a high school trip to Paris introduced her to fine food. She attended the Culinary Institute of America, where she met her now-husband Ian Redshaw (a co- owner of Lampo) and worked for a while in Red Hook, New York, before moving to Charlottesville, where she took a position in the kitchen at Pippin Hill’s Farm Table & Wine Bar. Now she’s at the helm of newly opened Timbercreek Market, an outpost of Timbercreek Farm, which has been preaching Joel Salatin’s gospel of sustainable farming since 2010. The café menu boasts everything from a classic cheesesteak to bone marrow tigelle (an Italian bread with bone marrow torchon, prosciutto and topped with shaved fennel and arugula), but Redshaw says it’s rabbit that she’s excited to work with in the colder months. “And pasta dishes, of course,” she says. “Classic fall, heavy pasta dishes, laden with butter and cheese.” We asked her to tell us a few of her other favorite things.

Always on the bar: A good round red wine, not too tannic

Special-occasion drink: Parliament from Zocalo

Energy source: Coffee (just one because I’m pregnant!)

Breakfast: Smoothies by my hubby

Lunch spot: Ace Biscuit & Barbecue

Chinese restaurant order: Bubble scallion pancake from Taste of China

Sandwich: Ol’ Dirty Biscuit with fried green tomatoes from Ace Biscuit & Barbecue

Healthy snack: Kale, any way

Unhealthy snack: Watermelon Sour Patch Kids, and Julie’s lemon ice cream sandwiches

Unusual ingredient: Bone marrow

Condiment: Duke’s mayo, aioli, butter

Chocolate: Dark

Grocery store cookie: Mission Home Bakeshop monster cookie

Dessert: Ice cream

Beer: Wine? Specifically, Caburnio, a super Tuscan that is absolutely beautiful and was introduced to me when I was working for Francesco Buitoni in Red Hook, New York.

Ice cream flavor: Strawberry

Kitchen aroma: Fresh-baked bread

Always in the home fridge: Amish hand-rolled butter

Always in the pantry: Honey

Bodo’s order: Sausage, egg and cheese on everything whole wheat

Cut of meat: Pork belly

Fish: Skate wing

Vegetable: Ramps

Midnight snack: Cinnasticks

Knife: Misono UX10

Appliance: French top range

Cookbook: On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee

Mentors: Joe Depaola and Howard “Corky” Clark of the Culinary Institute of America

Dream trip: Fiji

Food city: Paris

Cooking clothes: Scrubs pants, Bragard jackets

Kitchen shoes: Dansko

Cooking music: Leon Bridges

Food-related tattoos: None

Fall/winter menu items: I am very excited to work with the rabbits that we have coming from the farm. And pasta dishes, of course (classic fall, heavy pasta dishes, laden with butter and cheese).

First food memory: A trip to France when I was in high school that actually changed my mind about my life career, to becoming a chef and devoting my life to the passions of the industry. I was completely overwhelmed and overtaken by the passion and intensity that I found in the various regions of France—from the patisserie to the poissonnière!

Best meal ever: Penne arrabiatta from Mercato in Red Hook, New York

Egg order: Scrambled with Colby Jack

Bread topping: Butter or cheese? Butter