Making marry: To Italy, with love

Making marry: To Italy, with love

Shortly after Tracey Love and Bridge Cox met almost five years ago, Tracey was offered a harvest internship at Brooks Winery in Oregon. Bridge took a chance and moved there with her. Then, when it came time to make their next move, the couple settled on Charlottesville. They bought an old farm house in Greenwood three years ago and got engaged in November of 2012.

They were married Sunday, October 13 at a casual outdoor standing ceremony at Blenheim Vineyards. Shortly after, they traveled to Palermo, Italy, and from there visited Trapani, Modica, Ortigia, Siracusa, Ragusa, Randazzo, and Taormina.

Tracey: Driving in Italy is both life-changing and life-threatening. We rented a car and I drove while Bridge navigated. I’ve never witnessed such fearlessness as passing cars sped into oncoming high speed traffic, even on curvy mountainous roads. Driving a manual car is helpful, as stopping abruptly and being aggressive behind the wheel is their style.

Bridge: Witnessing Tracey’s true Italian heritage evince itself was like watching a fish getting put back in its fishbowl.

Tracey Love and Bridge Cox
Married October 13, 2013