Reading list

Like many people, Samantha Koon Jones found herself with a lot of time on her hands at the start of the pandemic. So...

Pivot a chance

What happens when you give up your life's work and go in a new direction?

Post modern

The Journey Group's Greg Breeding makes art worth writing home about

Truth, be told

Local art installation organizers want patrons to engage the difficult questions

Point, click, bind

Local photojournalist uses self-publishing to give art longer life

Now serving

Alicia Walsh-Noel is no stranger to a career pivot. Seven years ago, she left her cubicle job to start as a busser at...

The artists’ way

Art can be intimidating. In talking with Chicho Lorenzo, Benita Mayo, Heather Owens, Michael Jones, and Megan Read,...

Good bars

Carly Romeo had always been really into chocolate, but it wasn’t until a visit to a chocolate shop with a friend that...

Best of the FEST

Lorraine Sanders knows FEST. She better. She came up with the acronym.  As a modern marketer, acronyms are kind of...