Look up! Blooms aren’t just for tables anymore

Photo: Sera Petras Photo: Sera Petras

Here’s a trend we’re flipping for: hanging arrangements. Whether suspended above the altar, the sweetheart table or even a cocktail hour vignette, this new take on a floral display is fresh and inviting. Nature Composed’s Jenn Pineau agrees.

“They create so much mood and atmosphere when well-executed,” she says. In a venue with high ceilings or inside a tent, a hanging installation can help to fill the empty space.

Pineau says some of her favorite flowers to work with as the base are genestra, flowering holly, vitex, Russian olive and honeysuckle. But, she cautions to brides with outdoor arrangements: Beware the bees!

Color lovers

Want a bigger pop of color in your hanging installation? Pineau recommends weaving in roses, peonies and celosia, which will hold well woven into the larger branching flowers.