Follow that food truck! Where to find mobile lunch in C’ville

Hanu Truck serves hungry customers at the Tom Tom Founders Festival. Photo: Darren Sweeney. Hanu Truck serves hungry customers at the Tom Tom Founders Festival. Photo: Darren Sweeney.

Seems like more food trucks are rolling into Charlottesville every month—and the city is playing catch-up with its regulations as a result. C-VILLE writer Darren Sweeney has a rundown of some of the newest purveyors of meals on wheels, along with details on where to find them on the street and online.

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Hanu Truck

  • Owner: Patrick Kim
  • Menu: Korean-style tacos, taco sandwiches, quesadillas and sliders served on a steamed bun. Options include tofu, short rib, spicy pork, chicken, and pork belly.
  • Locations: Hanu Truck can usually be found around noon on Wednesdays at the Charlottesville/Albemarle Health Department at 1138 Rose Hill Drive. Kim also parks outside Champion Brewing about 6pm Wednesday through Saturday.
  • Track the truck daily by following @HanuTruck on Twitter or visiting

Mouth Wide Open

  • Owners: Justin and Keshia Wert
  • Menu: Beef, chicken and crab cake sliders, as well as weekly Southern-style specials.  Sides include soups and fries served with a special celery salt and chipotle lime sauce.
  • Locations: Mouth Wide Open can be found for lunch at the corner of Water and 1st streets or at Rivanna Station on U.S. 29 North. The food truck also sets up outside Champion Brewing on most Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • Find them by following @MWOfoodtruck or visiting

Bazlamas Turkish Street Foods

  • Owner: Michael Turk
  • Menu: Doner beef and lamb kebabs, as well as other Turkish-style food.
  • Locations: Can be found downtown and on the corner late night on weekends. Also sets up at Champion Brewing on occasion.
  • Turk’s (so far inactive) Twitter handle is @TurkishSTFoods.

The Lunchbox

  • Owners: Daniel Heilberg and Joseph Young
  • Menu: Burgers, wraps and cheesesteaks, as well as french fries and onion rings.
  • The Lunchbox duo now has a brick-and-mortar home at 1221 E. Market St., but they still roll out the truck for special events or festivals throughout town.
  • Find out where they’ll be when they go mobile by following @TheLunchBoxVA, visiting, or tracking them down on Facebook.