Finishing touch: A personalized topper takes the cake

Photo: Jen Maton Photo: Jen Maton

You’ve chosen the escort card display and the fold of your napkins. But what about the cake topper? If So INKlined’s Jen Maton has that covered. After nearly two decades as a professional calligrapher, she started thinking about creating her own product line.

“The light bulb went off and I realized that cake toppers would be a fun and creative way to sell my art,” she says. She saved up from wedding jobs for a year and purchased a laser/engraving machine to create custom toppers from her studio.

Maton says that she can create a custom topper using anyone’s artwork. (We like the idea of utilizing handwriting from a loved one who can’t attend. Imagine “love always” in Grandma’s script atop the cake, for example.)

She’s cut toppers, which cost $34.50 and up, with all phrases imaginable—including “Yaas queen” and “Mutual weirdness forever”—but the most unique cake topper is the one she’s currently working on.

“The bride’s request was a silhouette of the bride and groom on an antique bike with their last name and date in glitter gold,” Maton says. “I can’t wait to cut this one.”

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