This week, 11/21

As the current City Council’s term winds down, it’s clear that some things will be left for a new council to wrestle with, while other long-standing issues have, perhaps surprisingly, been resolved. Implementing a new kind of zoning south of downtown, a project especially championed by Councilor Kathy Galvin, will have to wait until next […]

This week, 11/13

Last week, Virginia Democrats flipped both the House of Delegates and the State Senate, giving the party control over Virginia’s government for the first time in a generation. It’s a change that really started in 2017, when Dems captured 15 Republican seats in the House of Delegates, the biggest Democratic shift since 1899. That election […]

This week, 11/6

Here in Charlottesville (and surrounding counties) the music scene tends to be dominated by bluegrass, cover bands, and mainstream rock. That makes the alternative genres that manage to exist—from hip-hop to metal to punk to jazz—especially valuable. This week, photographer Zack Wajsgras presents a project he’s been working on for several years, documenting the local […]