Living in a vacuum

Living in a vacuum Your article on why paperless isn’t happening [“Between the sheets, February 26, 2008] reminded me of a story I heard about the introduction of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner was intended to make keeping floors and carpets clean easier, more effective, more efficient, faster. Instead, it raised the standard of […]

Inside story

I am a general population inmate at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail and I’m compelled to respond to the rant in the February 26 issue of C-VILLE regarding a caller’s alleged “pampered with pizza, candy and Super Bowl TV” treatment of the local inmates. This “absolutely horrified” ranter compares the local jail to a “daycare” facility, and […]

Risky business

Boris Starosta: The issue of creeping across the stop bar at an intersection, while trying to make a left turn in front of on-coming traffic is inherently dangerous [“Intersection rage,” Mailbag, February 12, 2008]. Although our politicians haven’t written and passed a specific law prohibiting this behavior, it is aggressive and risky. Virginia Traffic Code (46.2-846) […]