Photo by Eze Amos

This week, 6/3

Over the past few days, videos of the murders of unarmed black people by cops and white “vigilantes,” which sparked nationwide protests, have been replaced by new videos, of cops brutalizing those protesters in cities across the country. Many police officers have met the legitimate expression of pent-up rage with violence, beating demonstrators and journalists […]

Local resident Cat Thrasher transformed her yard into a large urban garden. Photo: John Robinson

This week, 5/27

Monday was Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer, but with local lakes, spray grounds, and pools closed (except to those who can afford membership at private clubs), some took to the Downtown Mall in the hopes of another day not exactly the same as the last. In spite of the Phase One reopening, closed […]

Cooling off in the city’s splash parks is a thing of the past, thanks to a recent announcement that all Charlottesville pools and spray grounds will be closed this summer. Photo: Ron Paris

This week, 5/20

Last Saturday, I was in Pen Park for the drive-through version of City Market—a creative adaptation to our social-distancing circumstances that, while not as good as the real thing, at least comes reasonably close. On my right, as I drove in, was Meadowcreek Golf Course, acres of open, rolling green hills marked at the edges […]