Chicho Lorenzo will show us his process in real time as part of The Bridge PAI's Art Against the Clock series. Image: Eze Amos

PICK: Art Against The Clock

Hot tip: Part of the reason that Bob Ross and his happy little trees were so popular is that we were able to witness his process in real time (or previously recorded real time). That’s also the appeal of The Bridge’s Art Against The Clock, a series that puts local artists including Sahara Clemons (8/23), […]

The Art in Life series at The Fralin teaches us to look before we drink, and enjoy the wine label too.  Publicity image.

PICK: Art in Life series

Wine by design: Never judge a book by its cover and never judge a wine by its label—or should we? As part of the Art in Life series, The Fralin takes us on a virtual exploration of the aesthetics of wine labels in relation to our cultural perceptions of design and how they affect the […]

Disco Risqué will keep the live sets streaming at the Jefferson Theater's local music series this Thursday. Publicity image.

PICK: “So now, where were we?”

Going through stages: Music has always been a great outlet for bonding during times of adversity, and while we are unable to gather at local venues, it doesn’t mean musicians and promoters have stopped creating. Starr Hill Presents answers our need with “So now, where were we?” a live stream series that features a rotation […]