Friends with Money

“This is a depressing movie!” writer-director Nicole Holofcener recently told Salon about Friends with Money, her quote-unquote comedy about a group of Los Angelinos who\’ve been together since before any of them had a real job.

Breeden’s 3 Dollar Dumpster Date

Breeden’s 3 Dollar Dumpster Date

American Dumpster’s much-anticipated new CD, Rumor Mill, will see the light of day this month, and there are plenty of opportunities to get out, see a great band and pick up that record. May 18 is the official release date, and there will be a catered release party at a location to be disclosed in the very near future. The Dumpsters will also play at The Corner Plan 9 on May 20. Recorded at Sound of Music, the disc is a fine representation of Christian Breeden’s tunes fleshed out by the swampy groove of the band.

Thrash and burn

This installment of OTR is the first in a two part series of skateboarders and skate music. Andy Foster grew up in Roanoke and started skating in 1975 when he was 12 or 13. He considers himself part of the second wave of skaters, and though he has been off and on boards, he says that about three years ago he started back seriously and now he wants to skate all the time. Primarily a bowl skater, Foster\’s favorite place to skate is California, and he would very much like to start up a skate shop in town. He also teaches lessons through the city at the Skate Park on McIntire Road. I asked him about the history of skate music.