Michael\’s Bistro

It was for the balcony that we chose Michael’s Bistro on a summery Friday night, but as it turned out, the food was even better than the view. We ordered the red bean and rice cakes, expecting something down-home—but were delighted when they arrived in an artful stack, topped with tasty collards and scattered kernels […]

Movie Reviews

Monster HousePG, 91 minutesNow playing at Carmike Cinema 6 For some reason, live-action films now aspire to be cartoons, and cartoons aspire to be live-action films. And then there are those weird hybrids. Monster House, like last year’s The Polar Express, started with live actors, who were required to wear special suits embedded with thousands […]

Shorter Movie Reviews

The Ant Bully (PG) The summer of CGI toons continues. In this family fantasy, a young boy is magically reduced to micro-size after flooding an ant colony with his squirt gun. Our wee protagonist is then dragged into the ant colony and sentenced to hard labor for his trangressions. Eventually, of course, he learns a […]