Leigh Anne Chambers, Aggie Zed, and Michelle Gagliano share a disorientation in their work that pushes the viewer to interpret the artists' narratives

The resilience will not be televised: Three artists dig into the psyche for Chroma’s winter solstice show

Chroma Projects Director Deborah McLeod has been keeping a unique holiday tradition for the past several years. “Every year at Christmastime, I showcase Aggie Zed’s oddly enchanting work,” says McLeod. “I think of it as a modern version of the sort of folkloric forms and superstitious practices surrounding not just Christmas, but Krampus, Samhain, and […]

PICK: Storytime with Santa

Santa sanitized: Santa has an occupation that makes social distancing difficult. Lucky for our little ones, he’s taking precautions and offering his services virtually. Storytime with Santa is a chance to have an online chat with jolly ol’ St. Nick, no travel required. Parents can choose to personalize the experience with a handwritten note from […]

Songs well-traveled and universal themes

Songs well-traveled and universal themes

trout baseline (a)round EP, self-released Ryan Lee has been a stalwart on the commonwealth music scene for years, performing with local acts like Free Union, Will Overman, and Erin & the Wildfire, among others. The VCU graduate began crafting his solo debut, (a)round EP, in the wake of COVID-19. With time away from touring, Lee […]