Save the Music series continues on Sunday with Andy Thacker and Brennan Gilmore. Publicity image.

PICK: Andy Thacker and Brennan Gilmore

Jam it all: It’s tough to summarize Brennan Gilmore’s versatile musicianship. His current group Wild Common blends rootsy, folky, power soul that’s shaped by the varied styles of its seven-plus members. Then you have descriptors such as Arab-Appalachian, raw mountain music, and alt-country-soul winding their way through a music career that Gilmore began on local […]

Julie Gough is an artist, writer, and curator who lives in Hobart, Tasmania. She will speak about her work on Thursday. Publicity image.

Culture Pick: Meet the artist

The Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection is checking in with its artists to see how they are faring through the pandemic, what they’re working on, and how their artistic and cultural perspectives shape their experiences in this strange new time. Next in the Meet the Artist series is Julie Gough, a Trawlwoolway artist from Tebrikunna in Northeastern […]