Clinton, Trump carry Virginia on Super Tuesday

Eleven states voted in primary elections on Super Tuesday. Eleven states voted in primary elections on Super Tuesday.

Virginians went to the polls Tuesday to vote for the Democratic and Republican candidates for president in the primary election. Ten other states also voted on Super Tuesday.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the most states for the Democratic vote (seven states, including Virginia), while Donald Trump carried the Republican vote in seven states (including Virginia).

Clinton received 64 percent of the vote in Virginia, while her opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, received 35 percent. Sanders did carry Charlottesville, however, with 53 percent of the vote (4,474 votes) to Clinton’s 46 percent (3,888) (former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley received .3 percent of the vote).

Clinton carried Albemarle County with 54.55 percent of the vote (8,283) to Sanders’ 45.04 percent (6,838). O’Malley received .41 percent (62 votes).

The Republican race in Virginia was closer with Trump receiving 35 percent of the vote, Senator Marco Rubio 32 percent, Senator Ted Cruz 17 percent, Governor John Kasich 9 percent and Ben Carson 6 percent.

Clinton has 544 delegates and 453 superdelegates, while Sanders has 349 delegates and 284 superdelegates (2,383 delegates are needed to win).

Trump has 285 delegates (203 superdelegates); Cruz 161 delegates (144 superdelegates); Rubio 87 delegates (71 superdelegates); Kasich 25 delegates (19 superdelegates); Carson 8 delegates (3 superdelegates). The Republican candidate needs 1,237 delegates to win.