Chris Corsano blurs the borders between jazz and noise

Chris Corsano blurs the borders between jazz and noise

Chris Corsano is one of most restlessly inventive of contemporary improvisers, a jazz drummer reminiscent of Max Roach, whose work is thoughtful and open-minded enough to collaborate with noise and rock musicians as well as more traditional hard bop players.

Corsano made his name as part of a loose scene from Northampton, Mass, attracting notice for his duets with free jazz saxophonist and living legend Paul Flaherty, but he’s also spent significant time in the UK and collaborated with artists ranging from Jim O’Rourke and Thurston Moore to Björk.

But his best work might be his solo improvisations; LPs like the Young Cricketer and Another Dull Dawn list percussions instruments such as “toy gamelan,” “pot lids,” “baritone sax mouthpiece on a 2-foot metal pipe,” and “metal strips from windshield wipers and street cleaners’ bristles,” often played simultaneously.

Chris Corsano will appear at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar on Monday, September 10th, with several local opening acts including Dais Queue, Nue Depth, and a duet of Golden Glasses and Matt Northrup. The cover charge is $7 and the concert begins at 9:00pm.

Here’s a video of a performance from Corsano’s upcoming solo album, Cut: