The starting block

The Beltway sniper was not, as many talking heads predicted, an international terrorist or a Marilyn Manson fan. The prime suspect, John Allen Muhammad, is a Gulf War veteran. His sidekick, 17-year-old John Lee Malvo, seems to be a lost youth who followed the wrong role model. Malvo’s case may be extreme, but it is […]

Stars and bars

Thursday, October 24, was opening night for the Virginia Film Festival. Who among those attending the start of the "Wet"-themed, four-day cine-palooza didn’t have at least a few butterflies? Certainly not Mike Kennedy, who took the seat next to me at the Culbreth Theatre. Unlike most of the attendees, Kennedy, a social worker from Salem, […]

Wet around the edges

Plink, plink, plunk: The previous night’s rain convenes in small pools on the dusty wood floor. It’s a Sunday morning at the former Frank Ix Building, an old silk factory turned exhibition space on the corner of Monticello Avenue and Second Street S.E., and three UVA art students – Liz Pisciotta, Margaret Gabriela Vest and […]