Photo: Skyclad Aerial

This week, 12/3

On Monday night, City Council took another step in its plan to tear down Guadalajara and Lucky 7 and build an $8.5 million, 300-car parking garage on Market Street, just a few blocks from an existing parking garage . The move is part of a larger project to keep the county courts downtown, in which […]

This week, 11/27

Seven years after “Let it Go” earwormed its way into the minds of children everywhere, the eagerly awaited sequel to Disney’s hit movie Frozen has finally arrived. If you have young kids, you’ve probably already seen it, but if not, it makes for surprisingly resonant Thanksgiving-week viewing, especially here in Charlottesville. In Frozen 2 (spoilers […]

This week, 11/21

As the current City Council’s term winds down, it’s clear that some things will be left for a new council to wrestle with, while other long-standing issues have, perhaps surprisingly, been resolved. Implementing a new kind of zoning south of downtown, a project especially championed by Councilor Kathy Galvin, will have to wait until next […]