This week, 1/22

Some places get a hold on you, and you never recover. This week, our Q&A asking how the place you’re from has shaped you, garnered the most responses from ex-New Yorkers. As a Jersey girl-turned-diehard New Yorker myself, this is easy to understand. Growing up, “the city” was the center of the universe, the place […]

This week, 1/15

Last July, Republican state lawmakers shut down a special session to address mass shootings in just 90 minutes, refusing to consider any gun regulations until after the election. Voters, in response, booted them out of office. Less than a week into the new legislative session, the now-Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee advanced multiple gun control measures […]

This week, 1/8

To no one’s surprise, most of us who set New Year’s resolutions fail (88 percent, according to one study). And yet, we keep making them. It seems there’s something irresistible about the idea of a new year; a new chance to wipe the slate clean and start all over as stronger, thinner, healthier, kinder, more […]