Downtown Mall on the A12 anniversary. Photo: Sanjay Suchak

About last year: Looking back at 2018 — News

By Lisa Provence and Samantha Baars Most of the biggest stories we followed this year were fallout from 2017: both the direct effects of the Unite the Right rally, with its continuing arrests and trials, and the continued furor over monuments, free speech, and present-day inequities as our city grapples with its full history. Martial […]

Yes, Virginia, there are rats on the Downtown Mall.

Mall rats: Does the Downtown Mall have a rodent problem?

Many Charlottesvillians spent the last few weeks enjoying a festive holiday season on the Downtown Mall. But have we been strolling, shopping, and dining in the company of species Rattus? No question the mall has rats—the place is packed with restaurants, which means food waste, which means rat heaven. And just so you know, the […]