Where credit is due

With the holidays approaching, William was short on cash. This was not a seasonal problem for the 45-year-old Scottsville resident, who moved to the area from another state about one year ago. Though William has a job, he says it pays less than the one he previously held. The smaller paychecks have been rough for […]

Cheap Shots ’03

The ’Fraidy cat Award for Music Appreciation –UVA President John Casteen For his apology regarding the Cavalier Pep Band Despite holding three degrees in English, UVA President John Casteen must have never learned the definition of the word “joke.” Maybe he’s never seen the “Award-Winning Virginia Fighting Cavalier Indoor/Outdoor Precision Marching Pep Band,” either. But […]

Safety ‘Net

An auction barker’s drawl and a musty smell fill the cathedral-like main room of the Boxer Learning building on the Downtown Mall. Two years before this bright Thursday afternoon, during the dot-com’s heyday, Gen-X employees could be found in the building breaking up the workday with a game of ping-pong. But in the lean days […]