Arresting Development

Q: Ace, to what extent can someone take the law into their own hands? Are citizen’s arrests or citations legal in Virginia? Can I bust someone for littering or parking in the fire lane if they are returning videos or going to the liquor store? What about more serious crimes when you know the police […]

What to Expect in 2003

Architecture and politics. To anyone acquainted with Charlottesville’s history, it’s a familiar combination. In 1996, Maurice Cox joined the ranks of those who wed the two disciplines in the name of the greater good. That’s the year Cox, an architect and UVA professor, was first elected to City Council. Last July, Cox, who is now […]

Operation: Health Care

“It gets a little crazy around this time,” says Alex Hawkins, a registered nurse, as he calmly uncradles the receiver. At 5pm on Monday, December 29, the clinic is about to open for the night. Hawkins fields calls from Charlottesville’s sick and uninsured, telling them that, unfortunately, tonight’s appointment schedule is booked solid. He adds […]